TECHNOVEK hiring centre

Hiring centre: recruiting and staffing

Partner+ LLC provides hiring centre services under the trade mark TECHNOVEK™

Staff recruitment performed by recruiting agencies in Russia has celebrated its sixteenth birthday. Under the conditions of active economic growth skilled top and middle ranking workers in different profiles for business customers are becoming of great demand. Applicants and employers realize that during recruiting process as well as searching for a job one needs to turn to professionals, that is why the number of people willing to become the clients of recruiting agencies is increasing.

Hiring centre is one of the most convenient and fast means of finding an appropriate employee.

In its operation TECHNOVEK hiring centre uses modern techniques and information technologies for recruiting and staffing, has a wide base of specialists. The hiring centre takes strong orientation at the employer’s interests as its main work principle. We consider our work not only as simply recruiting and staffing, but as a means of developing Your business as well.

The specialists of our recruiting agency realize recruiting and staffing quickly and effectively in various directions, carry on psychological testing, as well as provide job search assistance for applicants. The terms of recruiting and staffing services commitment shall be agreed with the customer.

Our recruiting agency employs highly skilled specialists with great on-the-job experience in the field of recruitment – the percentage of successfully chosen employees who meet an employer’s needs. Our managers will help applicants to make their CVs competently, and consult employees on recruiting and staffing issues.

TECHNOVEK hiring centre is a constantly developing hiring centre in Moscow.

Our customers are leading Russian and international companies. Our recruiting agency has a considerable experience in recruiting for the following fields:


Banking business

Finance, accounting


Office management, business correspondence, maintenance and supply department, personnel

Construction, engineering, maintenance of buildings, public services and utilities

Production, engineers and technicians

Fuel and energy sector and gas sector

Information technologies, telecommunications

Wholesale and retail trade

Logistics, warehouse

Advertising, marketing

Medicine, veterinary medicine


Tourism/hotel and restaurant business

Blue-collar jobs


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To recruit the personnel competently nowadays is one of the most important conditions for the successful development of practically any business. That is why modern managers pay a lot of attention to recruitment. Such a policy has fully demonstrated its practical value. Thorough search for personnel has become the very basis on which the company’s future can be built, as they are the skilled and responsible employees working for the company, who are the essential part of operation of any business.

Everything mentioned above refers not only to recruiting personnel for some especially important positions (top-manager, director general). Recruiting calls for particular attention in those cases when an enterprise requires low and middle ranking employees, as the quality of their work has also a huge meaning for every single enterprise.

However an independent recruiting can turn into a real pain in the neck for any enterprise, as it is not only a time-consuming activity, but it requires certain efforts taken by the employer, and besides it is not always efficient to maintain a separate personnel department at a stable company.

So what shall we do now? The way out is obvious – recruiting agencies in Moscow offer their services in the field of recruiting and staffing so that a company gets not only new employees, but certain guarantees that they will meet all management’s requirements. How reliable these guarantees can be? Would it come that in a few months one will have to get in touch with recruiting agencies of Moscow and start this epic again? It depends on the employees’ expertise of every single recruiting agency.

Successful recruiting activity for every hiring centre is determined by several factors at the same time. Of course among them some “general” points can be mentioned such as employees’ competence, capacity of applicants data bases, effectiveness of data updating on applicants and employers etc.

In fact such factors as effective teamwork at a recruiting agency, attention of the hiring agents to every case of recruiting personnel are of not less importance. In other words like in any other enterprise, in every hiring agency, recruiting agency or hiring centre much depends on personnel.

TECHNOVEK hiring centre began its successful operation with recruiting competent, skilled and responsible personnel for itself. This resulted in attentive attitude to every new personnel search case, readiness of the employees of the hiring agency to pay maximum efforts in order to achieve the best results in recruiting, striving of the employees of the hiring agency to fulfill their work as quickly as possible and with a high standard of quality. Due to this TECHNOVEK hiring centre is one of the most promising, fast developing hiring centres in Moscow today.

Realizing that recruiting for every employer is not only filling the company’s vacant positions, but an opportunity to acquire more potential for successful work, the personnel of TECHNOVEK hiring centre provide thorough recruiting in order to offer really the best candidates to the employer.

At the same time working with applicants, the personnel of TECHNOVEK recruiting agency, creates as comfortable conditions for them as possible, providing all necessary information, as well as do their best to make the cooperation with the recruiting centre for a candidate both enjoyable and effective.